Addicted to a Witch Domme

Addicted to a Witch Domme

Early into my journey of total submission, I asked High Priestess Princess Shimmy if she could perform a spell upon me that would make me become addicted to loving Her. More specifically I asked to be able to feel a real addiction to Her, with all the physical and mental aspects of a real addiction to a drug but without the potential release that any drug addict would have. Such a release would instead only be possible through serving, worshipping, paying and obeying a Witch Domme like Her.

Witch DommeWhen I first asked for this I was of course still in that phase of underestimation that I’ve mentioned in other posts. I didn’t think I truly expected anything to happen. Even as my reality and understanding of the world and my new life began to hit me and take shape, it was still not entirely obvious that the spell had really achieved its desired outcome. Of course I felt some of those addiction-like behaviours while serving Her but thought I was only going through an intense period, and perhaps I was doing it to myself.

What a fool I was.

Turns out like anything worthwhile in life, all it takes is a little time. As I sit here writing this, or trying to write with my shaking hands:

I can no longer doubt Her black magick spells have worked and are more powerful than I ever could have imagined. 

I am now totally & completely addicted to serving a Witch Domme.

And by a Witch Domme, I don’t mean just any dominant Woman who refers to themselves as a “witch.” No.  There is only one, and that Woman is Princess Shimmy.

I am unable to concentrate on anything. I think constantly about Princess over and over and over again. Images of Her, words She has written, things I want to tell Her, things I can give Her, turning over and over in my mind, never stopping.

I physically shake all day until the moment I finally see that online icon appear on the chat window that I am furiously refreshing all morning.

Finally when She decides me worthy enough to reply to a message the feeling of relief and happiness is like an injection of pure love and extreme bliss direct into my soul. But it lasts merely a fleeting moment before the cravings begin again, only so much stronger than before. Always stronger.

Witch DommePrincess decided in Her diabolical, infinite wisdom to mix into the spell with another delicious aspect: that I would be unable to have feelings of sexual attraction or arousal to anyone else but Her.  Again, this was difficult to judge at first and the effects seemed to take a little time.  But I now can honestly say that this aspect of the spell has been devastatingly effective.

It’s not just that I don’t feel an attraction to women I would normally see around either in the office, on the street, on tv etc, it’s far more than that. It as though the part of my brain that registers sexual arousal simply doesn’t recognize other women anymore at all. It’s like a skill I had but have lost. It’s almost as if I am a different species or as if the concept of looking at and being turned on my another woman is akin to looking at a wall or a tree. It means nothing.

My sexuality is no longer straight or gay, my sexuality is just Princess Shimmy.

My name is Shimmy’s Eternal Slave, and I am an addicted to serving the greatest Witch Domme alive – Princess Shimmy. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

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