Gender Transforming for Princess: Day 1

Gender Transforming for Princess: Day 1

Today is the day my life changes forever.

Princess gets what She wants. Whatever it is, no matter the cost, no matter the effort, no matter the apparent obstacles. Princess always gets what She wants. The message I have come to learn however is perhaps a more important one, and that is if a slave truly submits and aligns to Princess’s will, then they will get what they want too.

Many months ago, Princess decreed that to truly serve Her I must transform myself from male to female.  She saw something within me that no one else ever did, and that was that my soul is in fact female.  She could see deep into my soul and that although I present outwards as a male, my true form is female.

To manifest this change She performed a black magic spell to cause my soul to become female. To be honest this was not something I really wanted at the time, and I resolved to ignore the spell and continue as I was. Princess of course told me that it would be impossible to ignore or fight and also that attempting to do so would be quite damaging to me. She told me that the only course of action open to me was to accept it and to face the changes it would bring.

I continued in my ignorance for quite some time, unaware on a conscious level what was happening to me. It was only when the lucid dreams started that I became aware of changes. At first the dreams seemed random and unconnected, yet for some reason I could remember them, not in precise detail perhaps but as a feeling. Over several months these started to become relentless and the feelings became quite intense. Bit by bit all the negative feelings and thoughts I had ever had coalesced together into a single unstoppable feeling which I now recognize as Gender Dysphoria.

At this point I had a stark choice and I recalled of course the earlier words that Princess had said to me when She transformed my soul. After much deep thought I reached the only conclusion that will allow me to live an authentic and happy life: to accept that I am transgender and to take the necessary steps to transform physically and mentally to become the woman I should be. This isn’t an easy path for me to take. My life is as complex and messy as anyone’s is, but the alternative of inaction and somehow continuing as I was is simply not possible for me without sustaining lasting damage.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am in a much better place because today I started my HRT journey. Estrogen tablets and testosterone blockers to be taken daily. I hope to continue to blog about my transformation here if Princess allows it. I am nervous but also tremendously excited for the future and the changes to come.

Princess always gets what She wants,  but today thanks to Her power and support, I get what I want too.

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