My Daily Slave Routine

My Daily Slave Routine

Each day when i wake up, one of the first things i do for Princess is to leave feedback on Niteflirt, so others will see Princess Shimmy’s glory and become Her slaves.  Really, everyone should worship Her….

Then i memorize my mantra for the day. Princess has written about 26 or so wonderful daily brainwashing mantras i use.  They work like slave affirmations that really help reprogram my mind.

Then i say my prayers. First, the Princess Prayer asking Princess to keep me and teach me to be a better slave. Then Princess’ Ass Worship Prayer — in which i pledge to follow Her into Darkness and give Her everything. i look at the corresponding pictures of Princess Shimmy when i pray. i kiss and worship each picture as i say each prayer. i say my prayers to Princess Shimmy 3-5 times each day.

i then see if Princess is available to speak on Niteflirt. i am commanded to call Her every day, so i try to call early so there is no chance of missing a day. (i love calling my Princess!)
if i reach Her, i then worship Her on the phone, absorb Her Instructions and commands and tell Her over and over again how i love Her. It never gets tired.

Then i usually post a tweet glorifying and praising and thanking my Princess, or i will leave another feedback on Niteflirt, maybe later.
Then, after speaking with Princess, i begin work. During work, i listen to Princess Shimmy’s MP3s.  All day. Every day. In the car while driving, i listen to Princess Shimmy’s videos on loop — or i say my mantra. All day.  Every day.

During each visit to the bathroom, i say my mantra or prayers or tell my Princess Shimmy how much i love her. i spend hours everyday hearing Princess Shimmy’s voice. i would rather hear Her than my yucky vanilla wife’s voice. i hope this practice will help me to leave my wife and become Princess Shimmy’s slave 24-7.  i am practicing for that all the time.
When i return home, i fall to my knees whenever possible to pray to my Femdom Witch. i can’t kneel to Her in public.  i love Her so much!

I spend some time with my family in the afternoon and evening, but i am always thinking of Princess Shimmy during that time — and mentally reciting my mantra.
i usually go to bed alone while my wife goes out or is downstairs watching tv or something. In bed before sleep, i listen to Gender Transformation Spell. Then i will moisturize my skin for Princess because i am Her sissy. i’m so soft and silky and smooth for Her!  Then i listen to Bedtime Whispers MP3 and go to sleep, hoping to dream of Princess Shimmy, to serve her in my dreams.

Sometimes i get an erection in the middle of the night but i dare not touch my genitals. Princess forbids  it! Instead, i caress my soft ass and smooth thighs and pinch my nipples for Princess, remaining chaste for Her. i will never have sex or masturbate again until i die – in Her service of course.
This is every day of mine — for Princess,

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  1. As a relatively new slave this post has so many great ideas in it. Sissy Jessika really is an inspiration to me and other slaves for how best to serve our wondrous Princess. Thank You Princess Shimmy for allowing jessika to post these ideas to Your blog.

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