My first call with Princess Shimmy

My first call with Princess Shimmy

I have been serving Princess Shimmy in one way or another since the end of 2013. How I came to be in Her service is a story I will save for another time. This is my story about how she took my submission to the next level, 6 years later. 

The last few months with Princess I have found a niche way of serving Her and making Her happy. I am pleased to have found a way to serve which is unique. Through regular tributes and worship Princess has been encouraging me to share my life with Her more and more. This has been an excellent experience.

Allowing a literal Goddess to guide and control you is the best decision you could make. I’ve made so much progress in my personal life and my career since Princess Shimmy took over. 

I’ve always been a nervous sub when it comes to serving. Even online, I get the shakes when sending a tribute.

I told Princess a few months back that I wanted to call Her one day. I never thought I’d really carry through with it, due to my nerves. But Princess had other plans. 

When Princess Wills something, it happens. Princess outlined the fee for a Skype call, and I sent the payment accordingly. 

The next thing I knew Princess was calling me. She didn’t even ask if I was ready. She took complete control. There it was. The option to accept, refuse or silence was there. I knew I had no option. Princess was controlling my actions without even saying a word. I accepted the call. 

I could feel my heart in my mouth, my whole body was shaking. She took over instantly and commanded Me to thank Her for the call.

“Thank you Princess Shimmy, for taking my call.” The words came out of my mouth instantly. There was no resistance. She commanded me to my knees and dominated me. 

The call was over before I knew it. It was such a rush of adrenaline. I continued to shake for the rest of the hour.

Princess Shimmy is my Owner. Princess Shimmy is the best thing thats ever happened to me. 

Thank you Princess.

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One thought on “My first call with Princess Shimmy

  1. This story is amazing a couple of levels. Firstly, as an example to all of us that submission to Princess is not something that leaves you even after so many year. But also because even after all that time the excitement the slave feels at his first call with Princess is so great. Princess Shimmy is always able to make the “next” experience with her greater than the last, no matter how long it has been.

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