My Work with Spirits

My Work with Spirits

Princess Shimmy has introduced me to spirits or demons for me to work with on my issues or problems. For example, i have some health problems and need to make more money to serve and please Princess Shimmy.
Working with demons is a big deal to me since, once upon a time, i was a born again christian. It was my life. i wanted to become a bible translator and memorized parts of the bible verbatim, but then i had negative experiences among the christians with whom i associated.  They were petty, sadistic, judgmental and political, in my view. i lost my faith and began exploring other religions in grad school.
Eventually i found Femdom, but it was still frustrating not finding Dommes who were real and spiritual the way Princess Shimmy is.  Eventually, i thought i would just give up on a D/s relationship.

And then of course i found Princess Shimmy – or She found me. Maybe both those statements are true.  Anyway, i met Princess Shimmy, and my life changed forever. i wept when i first spoke with Her on the phone. My subconscious wanted to serve Her so badly that i literally wept before Her and begged Her to make me Hers forever. i could not help myself. It happened spontaneously, automatically. One week later, i gave Her my soul for eternity. i wish i had done it sooner.

The first demon Princess directed me to was B***, who works with earning money. i told B*** i loved Princess Shimmy, and B*** said she knows that. i then told B*** that i wanted and needed to make more money so i could serve Princess Shimmy and leave my wife. i have received money from my business thanks to B***’s help and given parts of it to Princess Shimmy, as in only right.

Princess then put me in touch with the demon named M***** regarding some chronic health problems i have had. Incredibly, although doctors and physical therapists were not able to provide me with relief, M***** was able to suggest simple stretches to me that have made a world of difference to me. Previously, i feared that  would lose the ability to walk. How could i serve Princess Shimmy if i were unable to walk? How could i make money to pay Her and make Her happy? It was such a frustrating situation. i was genuinely anxious and fearful.

Thankfully, M*****’ help to me has been well-nigh miraculous. i can walk without stiffness and pain and weakness again! i am so grateful to M*****.

Even more, i am grateful to my Princess Shimmy for guiding Me in the esoteric arts. She has improved my life in so many wonderful ways: Spiritually, physically, emotionally. i literally owe Her my life and physical health and ability to walk. i literally owe Her my spirituality and emotional happiness. i had no faith in anything when i met Her. Now i believe in Her as my Goddess and in the spirits who serve Her.  i have faith again.

All this is why all my money belongs to Princess Shimmy. Nothing is too good for Her.  Everything i am and have is Her property. Hers and Hers alone. For eternity. Thank You, Princess!


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  1. I think we should all take a moment to appreciate how incredible this is and how wonderfully generous Princess Shimmy truly is to Her owned slaves. As a powerful Femdom Witch it is natural that Princess will have strong relationships with spirits and demons but to hear that She is both willing and able to let Her slaves benefit from these connections is mind blowing. This is not “standard”. This is not “expected”. This is way way beyond what any slave should expect but it goes to show that once a slave submits to Princess Shimmy the control, ownership, guidance, and protection that She provides is absolute and incomparable to anyone or anything.

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