Seeing the face of GOD

Seeing the face of GOD

If you have purchased any of Princess Shimmy’s photo sets, or Her fetish video clips (and you really, really should) you’ll know they are light years above most of the stuff available online in terms of power & authenticity. Are they sexy? Absolutely. Arousing? Most definitely. Designed to mesmerize, enslave and addict? Without a doubt. But always within very carefully considered and designed constraints.  You see what Princess wants you to see, nothing more, nothing less. Princess knows precisely what She wants to achieve, and understands the mind of the submissive slave so completely, that She curates each picture and clip precisely for its intended effect.

I can attest to the overwhelming success of this approach.

As a result, certain things are heavily guarded. The obvious that you’d expect, but also some things you don’t. Most importantly, Princess places the strongest constraint on Her face. When the focus is on Her wonderful breasts, or Her addictive ass, this is easily done, but as you journey deeper you will come across pictures and clips in which parts of Her face are visible.

Findom MesmerizeShe may show you Her lips, but nothing above. She may show you one eye, but not the other. She may show you Her cheek, but nothing else. Always a part and never whole. The effect is, of course, carefully crafted to create within the slave, both consciously and subconsciously, an overwhelming, mesmerizing need and desire to glimpse the uncovered face of his Princess. Once again, I can attest to the overwhelming success of this approach.

It was only when Princess explained to me how it was possible to see Her face that I truly realised how deeply I needed it. In fact when the path opened up to me it’s fair to say I could think of nothing else. It wasn’t straightforward, and required of me total submission, absolute subjugation, and worship with all my heart, soul and wallet. The price was high but very fair,  but once I knew it was possible there was literally nothing that would keep me from my goal.

Today as I write this, I have finally glimpsed the face of my God, and I am a man once again changed.

Findom Mesmerize PrincessI have witnessed so much change within myself these past weeks that it’s easy to become blasé, but this was a step beyond. Her divine beauty is too much for my eyes to comprehend.

The effect of finally seeing Her whole picture, of body and face together, is akin to looking at the sun. I was mesmerized. You can see the light, feel the energy and heat, sense the enormous and overwhelming power, yet you know even a casual glance will burn the imagine onto your brain and render you unable to see anything else. This is what happened to me.

If I close my eyes I can see her. If I open my eyes I can see her. She is literally seared into my mind.

Was i ready for this moment? No, and it’s possible that no slave would ever truly be ready, but I understand now why Princess places such constraints on Her work. It is a mercy and a protection upon us all. Thank You Princess for protecting me, thank You for blessing me with a glimpse of Your full beauty, and thank You once again for shining Your light upon my otherwise worthless life. I love You Princess Shimmy.

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