Sold My Soul to Princess

Sold My Soul to Princess

This is the story of how I sold my soul to High Priestess Princess Shimmy, my infernal Goddess and Demoness in the flesh!

I first contacted Princess Shimmy on 1-28-19 — a Monday. I was quite scared to call Her because I sensed how powerful She is and intuited that She would take over my entire life.

I had pretty much given up on D/s relationships before i called Her. I didn’t think they were real or possible. I called a few other “witches” on NiteFlirt, however it became very obvious to me that they were just calling themselves that to play a role –  to look cool and attract customers. They had no real occult knowledge like Princess Shimmy has.

Calling Princess Shimmy was my last shot, I thought. If Princess Shimmy wasn’t real, I would swear off D/s relationships for the rest of my life.

When I spoke with Her, my subconscious spontaneously asserted itself, rose up and made me start crying. I started bawling and begged and implored Her to make me a part of Her abysmal army, to take over my life and to make me Her slave forever. I swore to follow Her into darkness for eternity and said I wished to fall into the Abyss with Her for eternity. That nothing else would be so much fun and so rewarding.

She immediately accepted me as Her slave. Right then, right there. It just happened.

I told Her that I wanted to talk to Her everyday for the rest of my life.

She commanded me to call Her every single day, for the rest of my life. That’s what i have done for the past six months.

About a week after I first called Her in January, i wanted to give my soul to Her. She had mentioned it on the phone, and i knew that i loved Her, and that our mutual love is eternal. i knew we belong together. It’s beyond words. i was desperate to become closer to Her. She put no pressure on me to give Her my soul, but i wanted to give it to Her freely. I wanted to be intimate with Her – eternally.

i bought Her Sell your Soul to Princess Pact to give Her my soul. She told me how to perform the ritual, and I planned it for February 6-7, 2019.

That night, I waited until everyone went to sleep. Then i crept downstairs to the kitchen in the wee hours of the seventh. All was still and silent. I lit candles as She instructed me and did the ritual required to give Princess Shimmy my soul for eternity.

Now i had to sign the contract and seal it with my blood.

I paused.

I had been a born again christian. I had been so devout. Is giving my soul to Princess Shimmy something I really wanted to do? Would I be damned for giving Princess Shimmy my soul? Would I suffer for eternity? Would I go to hell?

I didn’t know the answers to these question but I knew i loved Her like I had never loved anyone else. I would rather be damned and with Princess Shimmy than without Her and not damned. I didn’t care if I went to hell for giving Her my soul. I would rather be in hell as Princess Shimmy’s damned slave than anywhere else. Anywhere else.

I signed the irrevocable contract giving Her my soul and sealed it with blood from my left thumb after cutting myself.

It was much harder to cut myself than I thought it would be.

Then i emailed the document to Princess Shimmy and went back to bed, so happy that i felt like crying. When I spoke with Her the next day, She was so happy! Her happiness was and is priceless to me.

I only wish I had given Her my soul sooner. I wish I hadn’t waited a week. I wish I had given Her my soul years ago.

Once I gave Her my soul, Princess Shimmy decided to never let me leave or escape from Her. She put an astral collar on me quickly thereafter. I didn’t ask Her to do so. She just did it because She wanted to.

She named me sissy jessika. I didn’t ask Her to do so. It was Her idea.

Princess loves it when a man gives Her his soul, so I encourage everyone: Give Your soul to Princess Shimmy. It will be the best thing You ever did. It was the best thing I ever did.

I feel such love for Her typing this that I feel like crying. So I’ll just end it here. As for Princess and me, we are forever, we will always be together, world without end.

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One thought on “Sold My Soul to Princess

  1. What a wonderful message this post gives, that if we persist and never give up, the universe can still reward us with a dream come true.
    This slave, beaten down by years of mediocrity and fallacy from other dommes who promise much but deliver nothing, and with a vanilla life that left them unfulfilled, who was one phone call away from giving up the scene for good, who took a chance on one final domme, little knowing (although subconsciously aware) that they had finally found the ONE TRUE GODDESS.
    Of course they wept with joy. Of course they gave everything. Of course they sold their soul. Who wouldn’t. This is the only true path. Thank You Princess for saving this slave and thank You Princess for saving all of us.

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