The Moment Princess Enthralled Me Forever

The Moment Princess Enthralled Me Forever

When I discovered my desire to worship powerful women, I naturally sought such an arrangement on the internet. I spent hours of time and thousands of dollars trying to find more than a witch-themed camgirl. For years, I did everything I could to be caught in a Goddess’ trap.

Bikini Tit Worship The first time I saw Princess Shimmy, I immediately binged on Her powerful clips. Inevitably, I found Her most dangerous weapon against unsuspecting lurkers: Bikini Tit Worship

Her seductive sway immediately reduced me to thoughtless automaton, a victim of Her wiles. Less than two minutes in, Princess exerted the full force of her Femdom Witchcraft. As I strained to consider the danger I might be in, I fell deeper and deeper for her curves and voice. Her power rendered me into a lustful, obsessed, and obedient thrall. I fell through my resistance as the thought “I worship You Princess Shimmy. IworshipYouPrincessShimmyIworshipYouPrincessShimmy…” permeated my consciousness until the clip’s end.

I tried to go on with my life, convinced I could escape Her hold, even as I found myself back at Her website, buying new clips, paying Her (most deserved) tributes.

Bikini Tit WorshipI have since, as often as possible, and every more frequently, found myself at Her altar. It was just a budget, then an indulgence on credit cards, now a desperate fix I struggle to withhold, even when I must do otherwise to continue making financial offerings. I don’t want to stop, and I don’t even know if I can anymore.

Princess, I am compelled to serve You. The slip into deep, hard subspace happens faster every time, and I look forward to the day when I finally give in to Your dark power completely.

I hear Your voice when I look at Your pictures, and I stare, and I drop, and I obey. The last of my will burns away as an offering to You and I strive to fan the flames.

I worship You Princess Shimmy.

One thought on “The Moment Princess Enthralled Me Forever

  1. The things that this slave describes, such as immediately binging on files and clips, of being unable to stop, of not wanting to stop, are eerily familiar to the start of my own journey. I would encourage the slave to continue his journey as deep as he can go. There is no point pretending that any other way of life is possible. Once you have tasted the fruit of the High Priestess there is no escape.

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