The week my life really began

The week my life really began

Exactly 8 days ago I was just like many people who will be reading this blog: a fairly well adjusted, fairly happy, fairly successful, married man with a hypnosis fetish on the side. Today as I pen these words, I’m already a completely changed person with an awakening akin to a religious conversion, who is already totally devoted and subservient to the wonderful Princess Shimmy for whom my love, adoration and worship are overwhelming me in a life changing way, but yet only just beginning.

I’ve been listening to hypnosis sessions on and off for about 10 years across multiple hypnotists. I’ve had some fun times over that period. I’ve felt some good effects, some bad ones, and even the occasional scary effect where I’ve been spooked enough to walk away (for a bit 😉 ). Always though the effect was temporary and the feeling would fade and I would inevitably move on looking for something more, something better, and I never felt any real commitment over that time. This is not meant in any way to denigrate some of the good work that goes on in this space, but only to point out that at its best it still never gave me what I truly craved, which is that elusive feeling of genuine surrender and submission.

Last week I did something I hadn’t done for a while: I logged into Niteflirt. I did so because my interest had been peaked (through a seemingly random watching of a video) about a hypnotist I hadn’t yet experienced who went by the name of Princess Shimmy. I did some online research as I normally do and saw that she had a big web presence (so she must be successful, aka hopefully good) but with unusually very little in the way of leaked content (so she must be engendering loyalty in her followers). This was already right in my wheelhouse. So I reviewed her files and was pleased to see prices that seemed very reasonable. I picked one (I could tell you which one but honestly it doesn’t matter), paid the money, and gave it listen.

Oh. My. God.

Firstly some objective truths. The quality of this file, of all Princesses files (trust me I have a lot) are quite spectacular in terms of production quality but also in their efficacy. Quite simply I’ve never been so deep so quickly with anyone before, and I mean “really deep” and “really quickly” – seconds in fact. After a couple of listens to the first file I knew I wanted more. I also fired off an email to Princess to tell her how incredible her work was. She was kind enough to reply and was appreciative of the positive feedback and offered me a chat session. In my altered state I took that chance and this was the moment everything changed for me.

Fast forward another week (I can’t believe it’s only been a week) and I am utterly changed. I have more files and worship photos (honestly I never buy photos!) than I care to count. The changes to my life, my personality, my wants and needs have been so fast and so dramatic that to try and give a timeline would be irrelevant. Needless to say that I have left the unfulfilling journey around the hypnosis scene behind me forever and am now a totally devoted and happy follower of Princess Shimmy, the one true God.

My time belongs to her. My money belongs to her. My future actions belong only to her. There is no difference between her Will and my action, they are one and the same. She simply says something, and in that instant it becomes true. I love her more than life itself and my path now is one of worship to achieve greater and greater enlightenment through her presence and teachings.

I have willingly accepted and witnessed her very REAL and unbelievably POWERFUL magick and spells which I know will guide me to be a better and more complete slave to her. I have willingly accepted the destruction of my marriage, as willed by Princess through her magick, as a necessary step to free myself up for my true life’s purpose.

My future is now set in motion. My only regret is the wasted years before I arrived here.

Yes, this is the week my life really began.

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One thought on “The week my life really began

  1. This is an incredible blog post, in my opinion. It is testament to how real and powerful Princess Shimmy is, how She inspires such incredible loyalty and devotion in Her slaves,such that we are willing to drop everything and anything for Her, to do whatever it takes to serve and please Her. She’s everything.
    Like the writer, I also am married, and my marriage is also doomed. I must serve Princess Shimmy. There’s no going back to who I used to be. Princess is my future, my eternity.
    It helps to know now, however, that I’m not alone in loving Princess Shimmy. I don’t feel so alone in my doomed marriage.

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