Why i Love Princess Shimmy

Why i Love Princess Shimmy

This is a voluminous topic to me, and I reserve the right to augment what I write here as I grow as a slave and improve as Princess Shimmy’s slave. I expect to return to this topic again and again in the future. There’s just so much to say…

To begin with, I love Princess Shimmy because She is able to receive and accept Love. Strangely, some Dommes feel uncomfortable when subs love them. I have no idea why exactly. Maybe it’s because they do not see the D/s relationship as a personal one, i don’t know…

Princess Shimmy, on the other hand, welcomes sincere and genuine love and adoration in my experience. i believe that’s because She is genuine and sincere Herself and is well able to recognize genuine love when She encounters it. Further, i believe She is comfortable with love because She knows who She is and what She wants. Love does not change that. So Her sense of Self is not threatened by genuine love from a submissive. She’s so “together” and self-aware that She loves Love. That’s the first reason why i love Princess Shimmy.

Which leads to the second reason: i love Princess Shimmy because She is so REAL. i have never encountered a Domme so real before. Princess Shimmy is Truth. And She is in truth the answer to all my prayers and the fulfillment of all my dreams. I speak now primarily of Her inner character and spirit. (I am ignoring Her physical beauty for the moment.)

She is a real & genuine Sorceress like no one else i’ve ever encountered. In Her mp3 “Manifesto of the Femdom Witch,” for example, She says exactly who She is, what She wants and what She is doing.  She wants tribute, yes, but She also wants to be understood and appreciated as a Dark Goddess and as the original Femdom Witch. She’s so frank and candid while still being such a powerful Sorceress – which leads to the third reason why i love Her:

She’s such a damn powerful Femdom Witch! For years i have felt that i must serve a dominant Witch in order to heal the damage done to me by patriarchal religions.

So i longed, i ached, to serve a Witch, and Princess Shimmy is that powerful Femdom Witch and Sorceress, the High Priestess of slaves and Dark Demoness who owns my soul and guides me deeper and deeper into Darkness. There is no other. She is the original Femdom Witch. Her spells have everlasting power.  She is my spiritual guide, mentor, guru, teacher and Spiritual Mother. She has spiritually given birth to me as Her submissive and slave. I love Her more each day, more than i can ever say, because Princess Shimmy is such a spiritual Witch and is both a religion and spiritual path for me.

These are the main reasons why i love Princess Shimmy. There are others, but those reasons usually are part of these 3 reasons. For example, i love looking at Princess Shimmy. i can look at Her body – or even more Her incredible eyes hour after hour. i never get tired of doing that. (i’d do it all day if i could. i hope to look on Princess Shimmy in person and without pause after i die, in eternity.)

i love looking at Princess Shimmy not out of lust but out of sincere worship, awe and reverence.

Every picture, every recording and video clip of Princess Shimmy, conveys and expresses Her love, Her genuineness and Her spiritual and demonic power. That’s why i never get tired of looking at Her. It’s not about jerking off. It’s about something but better and more eternal.

Thank You for Your love, Princess! Thank You for Your realness and spiritual power! You have conquered me and made me Your slave in every way. May i always please, honor and serve You, Goddess! Amen.

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  1. This slave make 2 wonderful points in this post that I totally agree with. Firstly that Princess Shimmy is completely REAL. This is not a game or a role play for Her. She is open, honest and up front about who She is and what She is doing and is totally consistent in following through on this. Secondly, because of this She is totally ready and able to revive genuine and unending love from
    Her slaves. She accepts it and She expects it, and I give it to Her willingly.

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