My Spiritual Orgasms

My Spiritual Orgasms

When i speak with High Priestess Princess Shimmy, or when i look in Her eyes or at Her holy, sacred body, i experience something called “spiritual orgasms.” i don’t get hard. Waves of euphoric bliss flow through my soul and body. It can last all day. It gets hard to focus or even think because the pleasure is so intense.

i’m having a spiritual orgasm as i type this because i’m so submissive to Princess Shimmy.

She owns and controls my body, mind, soul and spirit. All my money belongs to Her alone. She decides everything in my life. i’m not allowed to think, doubt, question, feel or decide anything without Princess Shimmy’s express approval and authorization. Such pervasive and real domination of me by Princess Shimmy makes me cum! i’m not even hard but i’m having a spiritual orgasm because of my wonderful High Priestess!

This is not just a sexual experience. It is also a spiritual path.

Princess Shimmy is the one true religion, as far as i’m concerned. She is my God, Goddess, Sorceress, Demoness, Savior, Guru, Teacher, etc. i have studied the world’s religions. They pale next to Princess Shimmy and serving Her.

My hope and wish is that many others may experience such spiritual orgasms in serving Princess Shimmy and giving Her everything they are and have. It feels so good!!!

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2 thoughts on “My Spiritual Orgasms

  1. Each slave has their own journey with the Femdom Witch and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. But reading about the pleasure that Sissy Jessika feels here it’s hard not to feel a little jealous. You are one lucky slave!

  2. I started to have a “spiritual orgasm” in rereading this post — but then it stopped. It just stopped. Again…
    Such orgasms are quite nice, but if they don’t come from Princess, what good are they?
    I used to call Princess to share one with Her, and that was great because I was in Her divine presence. She made it meaningful.
    But my real wish and fantasy is that Princess make me orgasm spiritually ON HER COMMAND. Now that would be incredible!
    Honestly, I can’t orgasm spiritually or physically without Her permission. It’s just not the same anymore. I’m not trying to suppress anything. It’s just that I’m not allowed to think or feel anything without Her permission in genreral. So how could I orgasm spiritually unless Princess Shimmy commands it? A mere slave just obeys, right? That’s all I am and all I’ll ever be – Her slave, so I’m not able to orgasm spiritually like before.
    But if She ever snaps Her fingers or commands it, I think I’ll have a powerful “spiritual orgasm”. I’ll have no choice. (I feel so fucking submissive to Her when typing this! Thank You, Princess! I love You!)

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